Simple & affordable construction photo management



What is Lynx?

LynxPM Online is a high-speed, secure photo management program that is designed to help you manage and organize all of your construction images in one single database. Just login online and walk through up-to-date images being saved to your projects anytime, anywhere. It’s also completely web based so there is no installation/equipment or IT needed. 

LynxPM Online allows you to upload your photos and tag them with the most important information to your company. You can then search your images using your own user defined search fields and share them with your clients/owners quickly and easily. Using our Lynx Hyperlinks you can literally share hundreds or thousands of images instantly. You can link your images directly to your CAD drawings, schedules, documents, or any third party application you might already have in place (ie. Sharepoint, Meridian, MS Project, etc.)  View an Online Demo  <back

What’s included in a LynxPM Online subscription?

With each of our LynxPm Online subscriptions you will have unlimited users and unlimited projects with no equipment or installation necessary. In addition, each plan is fully hosted and includes support, maintenance, upgrades/updates, as well as nightly backups of your data.  See our Pricing for additional options and plan details. <back

How do I get started?

Simply select which subscription package will best fit your company to sign up and start using Lynx immediately. Once you’ve created your account, login and click the “Help” tab to receive video tutorials, step by step help files, and a quick start guide to get you up and running.   <back

How do I get help?

Along with our video tutorials and help files mentioned above, we also offer Online Chat Help through our website during business hours or you can email our support staff at If you need to speak with one of our representatives, please call us toll free at 877-955-7711 or report a problem through our Customer Center.   <back

Does Lynx offer a trial version?

Currently we offer a free trial of LynxPM Online so that you can upload images and test any aspect of the program before purchasing.  <back

Who uses Lynx?

Construction, health care, public safely, environmental, utility, risk management, government & federal agencies.
Join our Lynx Customers.   <back

What happens to my photos if I cancel my subscription?

You will have full access to your photos until your subscription expiration date. Once expired, LynxPM Online will keep your photos up to 90 days before they will be deleted from our system. Renew your subscription within the allotted time frame or make sure to download and save all images before your expiration date. We offer an Archive Drive service to back-up your photos to a USB flash for $199.   <back

What if I want to migrate my photos in-house & host myself?

LynxPM Online gives you many options to upgrade your existing subscription or create a migration path should you ever choose to purchase and install LynxPM software in-house. At any time you can transfer and migrate your images back to your internal servers & equipment without having anyone else host your data for you. This gives control and flexibility to our customers instead of locking them into long term hosting agreements. See Lynx Product Comparison  <back

Where can I find more information about other Lynx products and services?

 You can find more information about our other Lynx software products and services at .