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Client/Server/Web Apps (self-hosted)
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Walk your projects anywhere, anytime right from your pc/phone/mobile device!
     Storing & sharing work in progress images can be time consuming.  LYNX can upload your project photos in minutes  when you may be spending hours . Not only much faster uploads - but now your photos are filed into one secure database back at the home office. They are in the correct project and have all the information we need to find them instantly. Send a hyperlink to anyone you want and they will only see what you want! Seeing your project's work in progress in real time lets you make better decisions, reduces redundant travel and walk-throughs. Create visual punchlists showing exactly what needs attention, where, and when.

Images are an invaluable resource.

Isn't it time to stop burying them into folders &sub folders where they get copied, deleted, altered, moved, resized, etc?
LYNX was designed by contractors, for contractors. There really is no comparison!

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  Why LYNX Photo Management?


Acquire and Quick Acquire





You're already taking digital photos...

let LYNX do the rest.


  Walk through your projects "visually" in real time via the Internet, saving you thousands of hours of time and countless resources with the

LYNX Web Application


LYNX has been around since digital cameras hit the market. We saw this technology as the perfect tool for construction project management. Visual documentation is just as if not more important than written documentation because it's not up for interpretation.  But if you can't find this important information months, sometimes years, down the line what good does it do you?


LYNX is the only option when it comes to construction digital photo management.  Don't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars until you see LYNX! 



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We also provide several types of licensing to fit your particular needs.  No project is too big or too small.  Every project is important and may be called into court or litigation.  Are you going to rely only on your written documentation to explain why you did what you did?  If a contractor argues with you in court or litigation...who is right?  With photos and media, there're no questions.  Call today to find out what configuration would work out best for you and your company! 

LYNX Manual 

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